Poniżej przedstawiamy 40 filmów konkursowych, które zostaną zaprezentowane w dwóch blokach projekcji. Blok I (23.11) i Blok II (25.11) to pokazy z cyklu „The Best of 2022” natomiast Blok III i Blok IV to pokazy tegorocznego konkursu.


26.11.2023 / godz. 13:00 / Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski

I´ll be seeing you, reż/dir. Jürgen Kling, Germany/Niemcy, 03:39

Stop-Motion-Animation Musicvideo for Jughead´s Revenge we witness a zombie, freshly risen from the grave, going for a nighttime Skatesession. Following the motto „Skate and Destroy”, he is shredding thru the graveyard leaving a track of destruction behind him and on himself.

KAJO | REM Koolhaus, reż/dir. Evelyn Lee, USA, 04:12

Official music video by Kajo performing REM Koolhaus. © 2022 Elysium Recordings LLC/Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings Inc. (BobbyBoy Records)

Spectacular (Espectacular), reż/dir. Pau Albà, Spain/Hiszpania, 02:33

The spectacle is not a collection of images; rather, it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.’ Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle. The technical reproduction of images inaugurates an era in which the available views of the world and of history become a spectacle to be contemplated from distant places and times. Tanoca’s music video recreates the spectacularity of the 1953 tour of France by making an animated piece that combines footage of the event with the song ‘Espectacular’ by Joan Colomo.

No Way Forward, No Way Back, reż/dir. Maciek Stępniewski, Poland/Polska, 03:19

landscapes loosing friends collage getting tinnitus synthesizers climate crisis generator the end

STILL ALIVE, reż/dir. Etienne Guignard, France/Francja, 05:21

In a dreamlike and metaphorical world, an adult abandons a child to sink into a dark and uncertain future. The child will face his greatest fears to try to reconnect with this adult he sorely needs.

John DeMena – Eternal Eyes, reż/dir. Ishan Shukla, USA, 05:05

Outer space, dystopia, love, and captivating graphics intertwine in this hypnotic animated story where the main character, struggling to cope with modern society, seeks an escape from this world unsuspecting what he will truly discover.

Cut Short Crisply, reż/dir. Claudia Cortès Espejo, Margot Reumont, Belgium/Belgia, 03:56

The team of a restaurant prepares the setting of the evening’s shift. As the customers arrive, the pace quickens, the restaurant room is full and the stomachs are filled. The kitchen is literally overflowing

Topo Ride the Wave, reż/dir. Gabriela Sibilska, USA, 03:16

With playful simplicity and a series of fluid transitions, the video revolves around the wave theme—sea waves, radio waves, wind-blown hair—unfolding a nostalgic narrative of a man yearning for a lost love, set against the backdrop of LA’s sun-soaked streets and the depths of the sea.

Stare – Impérieux, reż/dir. Nikola Radulovikj, Bulgaria/Bułgaria,, 03:37

Music video for the track Stare by Impérieux. Collaboration project between Nikola Radulovikj ( and Sofia Records.

Camino, reż/dir. Arevik d’Or, Belgium/Belgia, 03:28

The film opens with a man swimming against the flow of papers. The pages lead him to a story book that opens to unexpected spaces. A flight through human kind, through spiritual thoughts, through mystery and heaven. The journey ends in the tree of life, where people’s paths cross and where people meet. The end of the road is self recognition and liberation. Camino is a film about a mental transition, a path to inner calm. It’s an adventurous road that leads you from the past to the future, it gives you sound, images and unexpected encounters.

Haśka, reż/dir. Ola Hulbój Poland/Polska, 03:00

Music video for debuting polish artist. It’s a visual journey through the world of speed dating where people flirt like animals, and they just want you to fit in a little too perfectly.

Me asomé al sol, reż/dir. Tomás Pichardo, Dominican Republic/Dominikana, 03:32

Music video for Lena Dardelet’s Me asomé al Sol.

Gábor Antal Trio – Walking On The Planet, reż/dir. Tamara Bella, Gábor István Gurka, Kata Hollós, Kornél Pittmann, Hungary/Węgry, 04:03

Hungary In the gray world, nature is overshadowed by humans. We follow the entire history of the earth, from the beginning of life, through the formation of societies to the expansion to the stars. This process is accompanied by the continuous exploitation of nature, but in the end, it slowly returns, and at this point, humans become only an insignificant part of the whole.

BLEED, reż/dir. IMHOFF IGOR, Germany/Niemcy, 04:40

Bleed Civilizations are born evolve and die in an incessant cycle since man has memory of it. The repetition of gestures is repeated obsessively to the constant search for an escape route, which is to improve a company or take possession of it, in an increasingly fragile world dominated by the same alternations. Bleed is the story of a portion of this oscillating time. From the ashes of the umpteenth fall, a civilization is reborn distinguishing itself with its symbols and evolves until, when it reaches its peak, everything collapses revealing the nervousness, the latent and declared violence, the consequent human, social and environmental cost of a race from the irremediable conclusion and unable to offer a real escape route.

Ven A Mi, reż/dir. Ugo Vittu, France/Francja, 03:45

dreamlike journey through the world and cultures to discover phantasmagorical landscapes carried by an electronic and psychedelic music

Nutting, reż/dir. Sota Fukushima, Japan/Japonia, 02:00

This work tells the story of a young girl who tries to relieve the emptiness in her heart after the death of her father by resuscitating the dead with nuts that she has found. However, the being born from this is not the beloved human she had hoped for, but a deformed nut baby.

Sunflowers – A Strange Feeling of Existential Angst, reż/dir. Carolina Bonzinho, Leander Meresaar, Portugal/Portugalia, 04:00

A music video of chaotic energy and body horror for the single “A Strange Feeling of Existential Angst” of the latest album by the band Sunflowers.

ECHT! – Cheesecake, reż/dir. Yoann Stehr, Diogo Heinen, Lukas Gevaert Belgium/Belgia, 03:35

This music video plunges us into the atmosphere of a small, dark town where a colorful cheesecake factory takes center stage. The story focuses on the factory’s workers, revealing a very special purpose for the delicious cheesecakes they produce.

UNDER THE REEFS ORCHESTRA – Sakurajima, reż/dir. Yoann Stehr, David Delruelle, Belgium/Belgia, 04:27

In the south of Japan, a small town named Kagoshima faces the Sakurajima volcano. This volcano regularly erupts ashes and lava flows. The inhabitants of the city take out all their umbrellas, to protect themselves from the ash rain, while continuing their daily activities. This clip, entirely made from traditional collages, will turn around this motif: a civilization petrified in its daily life facing an agonizing nature. Will the demiurge artist manage to save humanity?

Hakëhn Deïs, reż/dir. Nino Lou Le Chenadec, France/Francja, 04:33

The ‘Hakëhn Deïs’ music video is the result of a collaboration between two dancers/choreographers from the Paris Opera, and machines, all wrapped up in the music of the legendary group Magma. „I wanted to make an original film with a strong aesthetic to best match the identity of the group,” explained Nino Lou Le Chenadec, the director of the music video. „If I had to break down this music video, I would say there were four 'writings’: the first being the script, the second being the shooting, the third being the editing, and finally the integration of AI.”

Devil Oh Devil, reż/dir. Txesco Montalt, Canada/Kanada, 04:22

Sorrowful and suffering, a young woman accepts the Devil’s hand in marriage, and is taken to Hell to be wed. Seeing that she has disappeared, her brother travels beneath the Earth to stop the wedding, defeat the Devil, and bring his sister home. With original music by The Holy Gasp, and animation by Alla Kinda, this animated musical reveals the depths we’re willing to journey to rescue the ones we love.

Death After Death, reż/dir. Michael Edwards, USA, 06:30

United States A discarded human skull becomes imbued with a mysterious force. As it clashes with its reanimated echo, some strange things happen.


26.11.2023 / godz. 14:30 / Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski

Illusion, reż/dir. Jin Woo, Republic of Korea, 05:32
„…is it real or just a monster that I created in my own mind?”

Mr Lady, reż/dir. Pietro Rullampo Leddi Italy, 02:49

When did we begin to understand that strength is not measured in coldness and misanthropy? Perhaps it is still not very clear to us. Mr.Lady is the mother of our grandmothers, hardened by the machismo and responsibilities of the woman described in religious tales. An old woman left to her own devices in a country house who just needs someone to find the courage to talk to her, someone who understands that no one can change unless they receive love.

Miami (KNLO version) – Meryem Saci & KNLO – Tell Rembobinée ,reż/dir. Jean-Guillaume Bastien, Canada/Kanada, 03:40

„Miami (KNLO Version)” is the first single from „Tell Rembobinée: MIAMI EP” featuring Meryem Saci & KNLO. The music video is combination of animation, archive footage and fun.

Som.1 – Ultimatum, reż/dir. Alessandro Amaducci Italy/Włochy, 05:57

There is no more time. The countdown goes faster and faster. In a world inhabited by animals and few surviving humans, a final celebration of dance is staged. A post-apocalyptic fashion show. We must run. Dance. Until the end.

Just Another Day… reż/dir. Bervyn Chua, Alvin Phua, Singapore/Singapur, 01:32

A boy wanders through a futuristic utopia.

Call me the wind, reż/dir. Robert Bolwijn, Netherlands/Holandia, 03:40

This is an experimental animated musical visualization with a story. This story isn’t told in chronological order or in a traditional way. It’s a ghost / love story about a married couple. I won’t show their appearance. I do show their personality, feelings and their soul as different characters. The wife is like a trotting race horse and her husband has a personality as a wolf. She is young of spirit and he has an old soul. After a tragic accident caused by the wind the wife dies. Her husband can’t deal with this loss and starts drinking. He can hear her calling from beyond the grave. Eventually he transforms from the wolf he used to be into a sad fragile egg. The wind picks up again and he also loses his life. After their death the lovers still long for each other. Both souls continue their search for each other. The wind continues to blow.

Obsession, reż/dir. Jean Forest, Belgium/Belgia, 03:19 

Music video for the french band „RIVE” exploring the bright and dark sides of a toxic, love relationship.

Shaman by The Chronicles of Manimal and Samara, reż/dir. Daphne Ang, Andrea Papi, United Kingdom/Wielka Brytania, 03:40

‘Shaman’ is a journey of self discovery into the depths of one’s psyche. Guided by Jungian psychology, ‘Shaman’ captures a personal confrontation with the unconscious in which one experiences the infinite and the energy of the universe. The song introduces the idea that human fulfilment can only be attained by bringing the contents of our unconscious mind into consciousness, thereby uniting our conscious life with our inner worlds.

Darma, reż/dir. TSANG Hing Chor, CHAN Ka Lam, HUNG Kwan Yiu, Hong Kong, 03:08

Appearance, hormone, sex appeal. When we are tired of everything about these, all we want to do is break, demolish, and destroy. With crazy cut-out animation, this film is trying to release us with the strong beat of the song and search for revenge in a chaotic but unique world.

Geng Geng, reż/dir. AHONGON Kumi Villavicencio, CHAN Tsz Pui, HUNG Devina Catherine, SUM Yi Ling, Hong Kong, 03:22

Geng Geng’ is a playful animated music video filled with our imaginations of an illogical world and interpretation of the song – “genggeng” by Alphabets Heaven. With exciting and amusing visuals to go along with the music, viewers can feel a sense of humor and happiness while watching the film.

Element, reż/dir. Yuri Onosato Japan/Japonia, 02:08

In choosing motifs, I’ve opted for water and „Elements” for their transformative qualities in shape, color, and space, embodying elements of animism—symbolizing life and soul. These fluid entities, appearing to rotate within cell-like structures, occasionally shift into particles in a perpetual loop. This work isn’t a finalized cinematic piece, but an evolving collection of experimental animations highlighting continuous creativity and expansion.

Plaisir de France Feat The chauffeur, reż/dir. hart laurent, France/Francja, 04:13

France graphic trip inspired by vaporwave

665, reż/dir. Edgardo Negro, Argentina/Argentyna, 03:32

A young woman finds herself trapped in a twisted world ruled by a tyrannical Sun God. The God has kidnapped her and her friends to satisfy his apocalyptic perversions, leaving the protagonist completely alone. During the night, the young woman receives unexpected help, which becomes her last hope for escaping alive.

The Earthquake, reż/dir. Jan Kazimierz Barnaś, Wojciech Kamerys, Poland/Polska, 10:05

„The Earthquake” is a visual story based on a music created by The New Solarism – project by Izabela Kałduńska, polish musician living in Leipzig. „The Earthquake” is a short story about the unknown, about the inner strenght and purpose. It compares the world we know with something supernatural, something that divides inner self. This project was created by BRAVE BOY STUDIO – independent film company from Lodz, Poland.

Cool Party, reż/dir. Simon Medard, Belgium/Belgia, 02:25

A crazy video on a green background, directed by Simon Medard for the made in Liège band Cocaine Piss…

5TRKTR4 – Undertow, reż/dir. Jan Wilkiewicz Poland/Polska, 04:23

Silence, reż/dir. Wera Englot, Poland/Polska, 04:08

The music video for the song „Silence” by Natalia Wojtas is a project that came to life thanks to the dedication of many talented creators, united by their love for filmmaking. Director Wera Englot, in an attempt to translate Natalia’s music into a visual language, decided to use 30-year-old, colorful 16mm negative film. The key inspiration came from Polaroids documenting everyday life and the perspective of Andrei Tarkovsky, as well as the widely represented motif of melancholy in art history. Producing the music video posed challenges not only due to the use of film but also required developing complex technological solutions, primarily integrating modern working methods with the specifics of 60-year-old film cameras.

Horror Vacui – Fear of Emptiness, reż/dir. Angelo Sturiale, Italy/Włochy, 13:23

This video represents a creative documentation of a delirious exploration of a dancer in a creepy and unsetting space. She exorcises her fear of emptiness and expresses her mixed feelings by moving and dancing uninterruptedly surrounded only by herself and her internal ghosts. But she doesn’t want to stop, she cannot stop. Dancing is maybe the only way she can survive and feel her body, justifying her presence in a chaotic and confusing world. Maybe a metaphor of our current historical time?